Suriya assaults an innocent boy? – Truth revealed

Suriya assaults an innocent boy? - Truth revealedSuriya assaults an innocent boy? – Truth revealed

Last night (30th May), there was a kind of an altercation between two youngsters and Suriya near Adyar. A Chennai based youngster has launched a police complaint against Actor Suriya for allegedly slapping him during the altercation on the road. the police have started investigating on the complaint.

The news is that the youngsters in the bike had hit an old lady and there was some kind of commotion in the area when the boys were reportedly harassing the lady. Suriya who was on his way there, got down from the car, intervened in the brawl and sent the lady off. However the young men claimed that Suriya had hit him and had lodged a complaint with the police. They claim innocence. The news has been doing its rounds in TV and in the online world.

However, when we contacted Suriya’s side, his spokesperson reveals that the incident is in fact true except that Suriya hitted the youth. Having seen all this in TV and other media, the lady involved in the matter has apparently come out and described everything to the police. She is reported to have stood by Suriya’s side and had mentioned that the actor had only come to help and had not even reacted violently.


Premkumar a resident of Parrys corner, Chennai is a football player. He was travelling in his motor bike with one of his friend’s riding pillion, towards Adyar for his routine football practice. While he was riding the bike near the Thiru.Vi.Ka bridge of Adyar, he lost control as the car travelling next to him, applied sudden break and his bike had hit the car from behind. The woman driving the car immediately stepped drown and picked up a quarrel with the two guys for damaging her car. Public gathered due to the sudden altercation.

At this time actor Suriya who was passing by stepped out of his car and allegedly spoke in support of the woman. The complaint given Premkumar alleges that Suriya slapped him during the argument and asked the woman to leave before he himself left the spot.

The two boys have lodged a complaint against Suriya in the Shastri Nagar Police station, Chennai against Suriya for allegedly slapping them,

But Suriya’s manager has a different version of the incident:

“The two youngsters in a bike had hit an old lady near Adyar. The youngsters had been harassing that old lady when Suriya passed that location. He stopped his car and had intervened and had questioned the two youngsters for harassing the old lady. Suriya had immediately informed the police about this incident and left the spot. He left his assistant on the spot to assist the police. Taking advantage of Suriya’s absence, the two youths had filed a false complaint against Suriya.”

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