Santhanam summoned to appear in Court

dhillukkuthuttu-songs23616-tSanthanam summoned to appear in Court

The current generations most favourite comedy hero Santhanam’s  comedy horror film ‘Dhillukku Dhuddu’ trailer released a few days earlier has garnered much appreciation from all quarters. The film directed by Rama Bala is slated for release in July. At this juncture one Mohamed Mastaan Sarbudeen the owner of Paper Plate Pictures has filed a case in the court.

According to Sarbudeen director Ram Bala had commited to do a film under his banner titled ‘Aavi Parakka Oru Kathai’ for which he had spent rupees 81lakhs . He also alleged that Ram Bala without informing him walked out of the project and has made the same story as ‘Dhilliku Dhuddu’ and sought to stop the release of the film. The case came for hearing and the Judge has ordered summons to be issued to Santhanam and Ram Bala to appear before the court on the 28th of this month.

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